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Release schedule:


Apr. 4rth. 2024: Peace of Mind (Single)

Feb. 22. 2024: Closer (Single)

Jan. 23. 2024: Lullaby for O. (Single)

Dec. 3rd. 2023: X-mas waltz. (Single)

Oct. 17th. 2023: Mondays (Single)

Aug. 31th. 2023: Lovevibes. (single)

June 6th. 2023: A Quiet Moment. (single)

May 25th. 2023: Reflections. ( EP.  4 songs)March 30th.: Hope. (single)

May 11th.2023: The Doubt. (single)

May 8th. 2023: Lullaby for E. (Single)

Apr. 27th. 2023: Honfleur. (single)

Apr. 13th. 2023: Reach me. (single)

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