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A Creative Presence

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'Music is medicine for the soul', said the Greek philosopher Plato. Peter Michael can confirm that. When his wife was affected by work-related stress, he composed and recorded a lot of piano music, which helped her through the difficult period. He subsequently worked through these piano pieces as relaxed music and now shares them with the world. ' It is undoubtedly the best medicine for both listener and composer to let the notes fill one's head. The relaxing music reduces the production of cortisol, which reduces stress, high heart rate and high blood pressure.

Already as a boy, Peter Michael was attracted by the piano's beautiful sound. He was taught classical music, but as a teenager pop, rock and soul music became more appealing to him. It was also here that Peter Michael started his musical career in various small bands.

During high school, he wrote pop songs instead of styles and reports. Over the years he developed, played with several Danish artists and was soon a musician and musical director in several major Danish acts. In 2006 he formed the jazz group 'Jamhunters' with Lars Fabiansen. Together they have recorded 6 albums with their own compositions.

Peter Michael has played and toured live with e.g. : Savage Rose, det Brune Punktum, Naive, Claus Berthelsen, Take Five, Heart & Soul, Peaches & Bobo, Moussa Diallo, Ivan Horn, Michael Hardinger, Roy Richards, Sweethearts, Pernille Højmark, Jens Jacob Thychsen.

Live on TV with, among others: Chaka Khan, David Sanborn, Sanne Salomonsen/Chris Minh Doky, Slade, Tina Charles, Tommy Steele.

Musical Director on TV2 CHARLIES Show i Parken: Johnny Logan, Hansi Hinterseer, Dorthe Kollo, Birthe Kjær and others.

Musical Director: Det Brune Punktum, Sweethearts, Pernille Højmark, Jens Jacob Thychsen, Jamhunters, Dogmerevyen.

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